About the Summary view

The Summary view provides an overview of all columns in a table with charts and descriptive statistics. It is also where you can create computed columns and perform simple statistical tests.

The Summary view is accessible by clicking Summary in the toolbar with a table of interest selected in the navigator. The left part of the Summary view displays a list of columns in the table along with summary statistics.

The right part of the Summary view is divided into a column summary view (top) and covariate view (bottom). The column summary view displays clickable charts of the column selected on the left. In the covariate view, you can select a second column of interest and see a summary of the interaction between the column selected on the left and the column selected on the right.

The types of charts and tabulations displayed depends on the data types of the selected columns, and whether they are being treated as categories or survival times:

Finally, the bottom of the Summary view contains a feature called The Bottom Line, which provides an intuitive interpretation of the statistical test currently being performed.

General tasks:

Single-column summaries:

Two-column summaries:

Statistical tests:

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