Performing a paired t-test of two numeric columns’ means

A paired t-test indicates whether the mean difference between two numeric columns appears to differ from zero. If observations in two columns are related — for example, test scores from the same student across time — a paired t-test is a more powerful alternative to the unpaired t-test. The paired t-test is equivalent to a repeated-measures ANOVA test, which is a generalization of the paired t-test to more than two columns.

To perform a paired t-test:

  1. In the Summary view, use the confidence slider to choose a desired confidence level
  2. Command-click two numeric columns of interest on the left
  3. Check the box labeled Repeated measures below the summary picture
  4. Select the button below the Covariate view labeled t-test
  5. The result of the paired t-test will appear in the Bottom Line

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