Performing a two-way ANOVA test of a numeric column’s mean across values of two other columns

A one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) test indicates whether the mean of a numeric column varies across category values or groupings of another column. A two-way ANOVA tests a different hypothesis: whether the column’s mean is affected by the interaction of two columns beyond what can be explained by considering the effect of each column individually.

For example, a one-way ANOVA might tell you that test scores vary across time of day and teaching method; a two-way ANOVA can tell you whether the time of day and teaching method combine in some extra way to affect the test score. If a particular teaching method is only more effective at a certain time of day, a two-way ANOVA can uncover this interaction.

To perform a two-way ANOVA test:

  1. In the Summary view, use the confidence slider to choose a desired confidence level
  2. Choose the numeric column of interest on the left
  3. In the Covariate table, select two or more grouping columns of interest (Command-click to select more than one column)
  4. The result of the ANOVA test will appear in the Bottom Line

Three-way and higher dimensional ANOVA tests are not supported in Wizard.

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