Viewing a Q-Q plot of a numeric column against a normal or uniform distribution

A Q-Q plot provides a visual indicator of whether a column appears to be distributed according to a particular mathematical distribution. Such a graph plots the quantiles of a column of interest against the same quantiles of a distribution of interest. If the points in a Q-Q plot follow a straight line, the data is close to that distribution. Otherwise, the data is not close to that distribution.

To view a Q-Q plot of a numeric column:

  1. In the Summary view, select the numeric column whose Q-Q plot you wish to view
  2. Ensure that no covariates are selected in the covariate table
  3. From the pop-up button labeled Test for, choose Normality to test for a normal (Gaussian) distribution, or Uniformity to test for a uniform distribution
  4. A Q-Q plot will appear in the covariate view

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