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Overview of features
About Wizard documents, and how to navigate them

Importing and exporting data
Importing and exporting spreadsheets, binary files, plain-text files, and databases

Viewing raw data
Viewing, sorting, and editing a data table

Filtering data
Applying and configuring data filters

Pivoting data
Creating tabulations of counts and descriptive statistics

Summarizing data
One-column and two-column summaries; charts and inferential statistics

Computed columns
Indicator, recode, and combination columns; squaring, summing, multiplying, and other transformations

Managing data tables
Joining and stacking data tables

Multivariate analysis
Creating models, running regressions, and making predictions

Making predictions from models and hypothetical values

Formatting options and preferences
Decimal places, capitalization, and more

Statistical concepts
A few items not found on Wikipedia