Exporting a model as an interactive spreadsheet

Wizard can export the model formulas used to make predictions as an interactive spreadsheet. This feature is useful if you wish to share your models over the web or with PC users.

To export a model as an interactive spreadsheet:

  1. Select the model you wish to export in the navigator
  2. In the Model view, choose Model > Export Model as Spreadsheet…
  3. Enter a file name and press Save

The exported spreadsheet will contain all the information needed to make predictions from explanatory values. The first sheet in the spreadsheet is analogous to Wizard’s Predict view, where the user can select input values and see the predicted outcome values at the bottom. The second sheet contains the model’s coefficient table, which is referenced from the formulas in the first sheet. Proportional hazard models will have additional sheets containing the estimated hazard function and survival curves.

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