Importing from a database server

Wizard can import data directly from MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers. Note that large databases may take a long time to import.

To import tables from a database server:

  1. Choose File > Import From MySQL or PostgreSQL Server…
  2. Select the name of the database vendor (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  3. If the database is running on your Mac, select it from the pop-up button; otherwise, select Add Server…, enter a host name or IP address, and click Save
  4. If the database is running on a non-standard port, check the box and enter its port number. (Most users will not need to check the box; if unsure, contact your database administrator.)
  5. Enter the database user name and password
  6. Click Next
  7. Wizard will attempt to connect to the database. If the connection is successful, a new sheet will appear. If the connection is unsuccessful, an error message will appear.
  8. When you reach the new sheet, Wizard will let you choose the database name in one of two ways.
    • If Wizard was able to obtain a list of database names from the server, a pop-up button will appear. Use it to select the database you wish to import from.
    • If Wizard was unable to obtain a list of database names, a text field will appear. Enter the database name and click Load.
  9. Use the check boxes to select which database tables you would like to import.
  10. Click Import

If you are having trouble connecting to the database, contact your database administrator for assistance.

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