Refreshing a table’s data from a linked data source

If your data changes frequently, you may wish to create a link between the table in Wizard and the underlying data source. Creating a link will let you pull in the latest data without having to recreate all of your analyses.

A link will be automatically created when you first import from a file or database server. To establish a link manually:

  1. Choose Table > Create Link to Data Source…
  2. Select a file, database server, or web address, and click Next
  3. Use the controls to configure the link, and click Save Link when you are finished

To refresh data after a link has been established:

  1. Choose Table > Refresh From Linked Data Source (or click the Refresh Data button in the document toolbar)

The saved Wizard document will include a secure bookmark to the linked file; the original path will only be accessible when the document is opened on the same machine that created the link. If the data source is a database server, the document will save the database server and user information, but not the database password, which you can choose to be save separately in your system’s keychain.

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