About the filter sets drawer

Data filters can be used to view or analyze a subset of a table’s rows; particular combinations of filters can be saved and organized using the filter sets drawer. The filter sets drawer enables rapid switching between filters of interest.

To open the filter sets drawer:

  1. Click the Filter Data button in the toolbar to reveal the filters pane
  2. Click the drawer button in the bottom right

The filters pane will use the filter set currently selected in the drawer. To change the current filter set, simply select a new fiter set in the drawer.

Filter sets can be created or deleted using the buttons at the bottom of the filter set drawer. They can be reordered via drag-and-drop, and renamed by clicking. (The default name is a comma-separated list of the applied filters.)

The filter sets drawer can be hidden by clicking the button labeled Done, or by clicking the drawer icon again. You can detach the drawer from its anchor, and use it as a floating panel window, by clicking and dragging any empty area on the drawer. When the drawer is detached, and the Filter Pin is applied, the drawer will remain open even when the main filters pane is hidden. This behavior allows switching between filter sets without having to open the filters pane.

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