Testing hypotheses about multiple coefficients in a model

After a model has been estimated, you may wish to test hypotheses about the values of coefficients with reference to each other. For example, you may wish to test whether two or more coefficients are equal to each other, or whether they sum to one.

Wizard supports four kinds of hypothesis tests for model coefficients. Each is associated with a null hypothesis, as described in the table below.

Hypothesis testNull hypothesisFormula
Joint significanceCoefficients are zeroβi=0
Coefficient equalityCoefficients are equalβij
Sum-to-zero testCoefficients sum to 0∑βi=0
Sum-to-one testCoefficients sum to 1∑βi=1

To test one of these hypotheses about two or more model coefficients:

  1. In the Model view, select two or more coefficients in the explanatory variables table (Command-click or Shift-click to select multiple rows)
  2. Below the coefficient picture view, use the button labeled Null hypothesis to select the null hypothesis of the test you wish to perform
  3. The result of the hypothesis test will appear in the coefficient picture view

Wizard performs all hypothesis tests using the Wald test. An F statistic is constructed for linear models, and a chi-squared statistic is constructed for non-linear models.

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